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We carry a large assortment of New Plastic Drums in stock.

Plastic drums are a reliable and versatile solution for the storage and transportation of a wide range of materials. Known for their durability and lightweight design, these drums are ideal for both hazardous and non-hazardous substances. Our selection caters to various industry needs with the following options:

  • 15-Gallon Plastic Drums: Perfect for smaller volume requirements, offering ease of handling and storage efficiency.

  • 55-Gallon Open Head Plastic Drums: Ideal for materials that require frequent access or are bulkier, ensuring easy filling and dispensing.

  • 55-Gallon Closed Head Plastic Drums: Best suited for liquids and other materials that need secure containment during transport.

All these sizes are available in multiple color choices to suit different organizational and industry standards:

  • Available in Blue and Natural colors.

  • The 55-gallon drums also come in an exclusive Black option.

A group of blue plastic drums in varying shapes and sizes, at Dallas Steel Drums in Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic Drums

  • Drums serve as reliable containers for chemicals like acids, bases, solvents, and cleaning agents, ensuring safe containment during storage and transportation. Additionally, various lubricants, oils, and greases utilized in automotive, industrial, and machinery applications find suitable storage in plastic drums. In the food industry, food-grade plastic drums are essential for storing edible oils, syrups, sauces, flavorings, and other food products, maintaining hygiene and quality standards.

  • The removable cover or lid of an Open Head Drum allows for easy and frequent access to the stored materials, making it ideal for substances that require regular sampling, mixing, or dispensing. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for bulkier materials or those with high viscosity, as the wider opening facilitates easier filling and dispensing, reducing the risk of spills or accidents. Additionally, the open design enables visual inspection of the contents, aiding in quality control and quick identification.

  • In many cases, the color choices for plastic drums do align with specific industry standards or regulations, particularly in industries where color coding is used for safety or identification purposes. For example, in the pharmaceutical or food industries, there may be guidelines specifying certain colors for containers used to store different types of products to prevent cross-contamination or ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Similarly, in the hazardous materials or chemical industries, color-coded containers may be used to indicate the type of substance contained within and to communicate important safety information to handlers. While these color standards or regulations may not be universally mandated, they are often adopted voluntarily by manufacturers and users to promote consistency and safety in the handling and storage of materials.

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