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55 Gal Tight Head, UN1A1/X1.2/250, Unlined, 2 & 3/4" T Fittings, Black

SKU a-NEW DRUMS:N055-5689

Introducing the NEW 55 Gallon Tight Head Drum from Dallas Steel Drums, a versatile and reliable storage solution designed to meet your industrial packaging needs. This drum, with its UN1A1/X1.2/250 certification, guarantees compliance with stringent safety standards for transporting hazardous materials, ensuring peace of mind for your storage requirements.

Constructed with durability in mind, this drum features a sturdy 1.2/0.9/1.2mm thickness, providing robust protection for a variety of contents. The unlined interior is ideal for a wide range of applications, from chemicals to food products, without the risk of contamination or interference.

Equipped with 2" & 3/4" T Type fittings and poly IRR gaskets, this drum offers secure access points for filling and dispensing liquids or solids with ease. The 2 hoops ensure structural integrity and stability during handling and transportation, giving you added confidence in the drum's reliability.

With a sleek black paint finish, this drum not only looks professional but also provides added protection against corrosion and external elements, extending its longevity and usability in various environments.

Whether you're storing chemicals, oils, solvents, or other materials, the NEW 55 Gallon Tight Head Drum delivers exceptional performance and safety for your peace of mind. Trust Dallas Steel Drums for all your industrial packaging needs in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, and experience quality and reliability like never before.